Want to save money on your utility bill?  Tinbenders Inc. Maintenance Agreements are like regular oil changes for your car.  Like cars, heating/cooling systems need to be checked regularly, at least once a year, to look for technical problems that may soon hinder the operation of the system.  

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What are Maintenance Agreements?

What would a Maintenance Agreement cover?

Because our customers have a variety of heating and cooling systems, our MAs can be customized to fit all heating and cooling needs.  Here is a snapshot of what a Maintenance Agreement by Tinbenders, Inc. looks like:

  • Customers can agree to have their system(s) checked once or twice a year.
  • A thorough check of these components:
    • ​refrigerant, filters, ​sensors, switches, coil, compressor, contactor, valve, burner nozzles, wiring, heat exchanger, elements, blower wheel, capacitor, thermostat
  • Cleaning of specific components like the coil, filters, blower wheel, burners, etc.  Cleaning of these components does increase the price of the MA, because of the time that is involved.  
  • ​Possible discounts on parts.

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